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Quick Overview

  • Scheduled Freighter Flights (Cargo Aircarft) UAE to Iraq.
    • Carriage of all Types & Calsses of Cargo; General Cargo GCR,DGR, PER, AVI, HUM,..etc 
    • Extra Heavy & Oversized Cargo,  Projects, Oil & Gas Equipment.
    • Cars & All Vehicles of all types, SUV, Sedan, Sports, Roadsters, Utility, JetSki, Desert Bikes & Buggies..etc 
    • Radioactive, Explosive, Chemicals, Gas & Liquid, Compressors, Magnets, Batteries of all type.


  • IB   - Worldwide Air Import to Iraq.
    • Wherever your shipment is, call us to move it to Iraq.


  • OB - Air Export from Iraq to Rest of The World. 
    • You have a shipment in Iraq and want to ship it out, just let us know.  


  • RRS - Repair & Return Service
    • You have something to repair or replace outside Iraq... Just call us..!
    • We'll take your goods to the manufacture for repair or replacement, and return it back to you when its ready. 


  • Charter Flights, GSA, GSSA, CSA, Consolidation.
    • When Cargo Charter Flight needed, call us to qoute you.
    • We support Freight Forwarders with Specail Rates.


  • Connect with us to Serve you.
    • Please let us know how can we Serve You.  Tel: +971-4-2140-100